Q. How much do the background music services cost?
A. For each client, we custom-tailor a solution that works within their budget. Imagesound’s pricing is competitive and amongst the lowest in the industry, whilst still providing world-quality service. Please contact us for a quote, prices vary depending on number of zones, locations, and playlists requested.

We achieve these low prices using our proprietary Download Player (DLP) software, which is provided for free to our clients. DLP is robust, reliable, scalable for one to thousands of locations, and is ideal for businesses, especially international ones, as it eliminates shipping and maintenance costs.  It can be downloaded, installed, and activated in under 15 minutes.

It provides unparalleled functionality and is a cost-effective solution that utilizes existing hardware, providing a highly efficient roll-out with zero maintenance, upgrade, or hardware costs.

Q. What kind of hardware do I need?
A. The DLP can run on any Windows-based PC, netbook, or tablet. For businesses that would prefer an easy, self-contained solution, we offer the Mini Audio Player (MAP) hardware, a small, self-contained box that plugs directly into the in-store audio system. MAPs can be purchased outright or rented, with the modest rental fee added to your monthly payment.

Benefits of using MAPs include:
-extremely compact and discrete [3.75″ square, .75″ tall]
-employees can’t modify playlists
-no need for PC
-immediate usability, music plays within seconds

Q. Is there an initial set-up/programming cost?
A. No – the  curation of your custom playlist(s) is part of the consultancy aspect of our service, and included in the cost of the monthly subscription. The only start-up cost would be if you wanted to purchase an Android tablet or MAP.

Q. How long is the initial contract?
A. Our contracts are typically for three years, though if need clients can exit with a 90-day advance notice. We are flexible and understand that businesses have changing needs.


Q. Will I have to pay licensing fees for the music you provide?
A. We take care of ALL of the licensing fees and paperwork for your music, ensuring your business is 100% covered and compliant.  This service is included in your monthly fee. We register all of our clients with the three US PROs (Performance Rights Organizations): ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, and SOCAN in Canada.

Some of our clients, particularly hotels, have other music usages within the property (live band, DJ, etc.) which can incur separate performance fees.  However, licensing consultation and guidance is part of our service and we can advise on cost-efficiently maintaining compliance.

Q. Can’t I just play my Pandora/Spotify/iTunes?
A. These services provide music for “personal, noncommercial” use. If you are playing them in a public setting and not making relevant licensing payments to the PROs, you can be fined steeply and potentially imprisoned, as the Copyright Act considers this theft. Imagesound can provide peace of mind by maintaining your business’ compliance with the law.


Q. How is Imagesound different from “muzak/elevator music”?
A. Our expert team of music consultants take pride in providing a sophisticated, precise, and evolving soundtrack for your business. Many other services provide generic channels and streams that contain fixed content. Imagesound’s playlists are uniquely created for each client’s needs and can easily be edited on request. Our international offices and ever-expanding library means we can provide literally any genre of music to create an ideal and highly nuanced atmosphere.

Q. How often will the music be updated?
A. All of our clients are assigned their own individual music consultant who will be tasked with ensuring the high quality and integrity of the profile. Updates can vary from being monthly to quarterly, at the client’s discretion.

Q. Can we have whatever music we want? Are there any limitations?
A. We have a licensed database of over 200,000 tracks that is increasing with hundreds of new tracks added every day.  We have music experts all over the world sourcing virtually every type of music. In our experience, quality is more important than quantity and a program that is regularly maintained and naturally evolves sounds better than a profile that is flooded with tracks and lacks a consistent ambiance.

We work closely with your team to curate the perfect soundtrack for your business.


Q. Will the music stop playing if the internet connection is disrupted?
A. No – all the music and playlists are stored locally on the music player, so any break in the internet connection won’t affect the music at all. Internet connection is needed only for media updates – when the playlists are refreshed and tracks added or deleted – but this can happen at a planned day / time if wireless connection or access to a LAN is not available. Some of our clients just network their players at a scheduled time every month to ensure their music profile is completely up to date.

Q. What about when the weather is bad?
A. None of our music programs “stream” using satellite delivery – this is a dated way of distributing music and adverse weather won’t have any affect at all on the reliability of the music Imagesound provides.

Q. What if there is a technical issue?
A. Both the DLP and MAP are extremely reliable and robust. We are able to remotely troubleshoot both systems and offer complimentary 24-hour support should any issue or question arise.