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Imagesound Case Study: Mignonette Oyster Bar

Lauren Reskin

September 3rd, 2014


When we heard that Chef Daniel Serfer of famed Miami restaurant Blue Collar was going to open a seafood-centric spot, we got excited. He teamed up with his best friend Ryan Roman, found a location in the hip Edgewater neighborhood, and they announced that Mignonette was coming soon.

Blue Collar is one of our favorite clients as the profile there is “chef’s choice” and Danny has a great, eclectic taste in music. However, Mignonette needed a different and more cohesive soundtrack to complement its New Orleans-inspired aesthetic.


As Mignonette hand-select their impressive selection of oysters, we hand-picked a soundtrack for them, blending NOLA jazz, “pre-2002” hip hop, tons of retro and modern soul, funk, and r&b, with some Miami flavor thrown in for good measure. For a taste of their music, please enjoy this sample playlist below:

We think it’s one of our best profiles ever, but you don’t have to take our word for it…

“The music curated by Lolo and Imagesound Americas helps to create a warm, welcoming environment and a sense of place.  We like to call ourselves “fucking fancy” at Mignonette and the balance of jazz, old school hip hop and Miami Soul has a brashness to it that really reflects what we’re trying to do on the plate.”
-Mignonette co-owner Ryan Roman

“As for the vibe…the music playlist is being compiled by Lolo Reskin of Sweat Records and Imagesound Americas. “We’re both into oysters and classic raw bar … and of course prime rib,” Roman says. “So we’re excited to share all that at Mignonette. Oysters are an aphrodisiac, the more you eat them, the more you love to eat them. We just want to have a place to eat cold seafood that’s fun, casual and has curse words on the radio.” –

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