Spa Experience

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”  – Berthold Auerbach

Why have generic spa music when you can have something better? SpaLady

Imagesound Americas offers individualized music programs designed to enhance the spa experience, and allows you to define your atmosphere at an affordable price.

We have a wide range of diverse spa music collections – including New Age, Hawaiian, Elemental, Classical, Flutes and much more – which are expertly blended by our dedicated music consultants to produce a spa soundscape that reflects the unique character of your spa and provides your clientele with an unparalleled sensory experience.

We produce a highly distinct ambience from elegant fusions of international and ambient sounds sourced from rare and exclusive music collections, all of which are fully licensed. We also offer multiple channels of spa music providing different audio themes in each treatment room, relaxation space, and waiting area.

Our web-based music software is controlled from a single PC and works with a spa’s existing sound system or a new one. The music is crafted and updated monthly by your own music consultant and the software varies playlists to avoid repetition, providing unique spa music every day. It also provides user-friendly interactivity with full visibility of artists and tracks for hands-on control when you want it.

Whether hands-on or hands-off, we ensure your spa has the ideal spa ambience.

Click play on the audio player below to hear samples of music, and contact us to hear more about how we can make your spa’s audio as seductive as the treatments offered.


SPA MUSIC – Sample Music Genres / Track List

Spa New Age
  • Fridrik Karlsson – Morning Colours
Spa Elemental
  • Dean Evenson – Wave Cresting Canyon Wall
Spa Meditative
  • Amoraea Dreamseed – Jewel Within
Spa Modern Ambient
  • William Orbit – Nimbus
Spa Classical
  • Ludovico Einaudi – Monday
Spa Asian
  • Jia Peng Fang – Silent Moon
Spa Flutes
  • R. Carlos Nakai – Coyote Moon
Spa Hawaiian
  • Kohala – Kona Breeze